Precision mechanical components

Precision mechanical components

Over the years, QP Mechanics has developed a particular flair for the needs required by the various sectors of precision mechanics. For this reason, having a first-rate tooling, in addition to the molding sector, it has approached many other fields where attention is required to quality and precision, as well as the use of innovative materials designed to solve the phenomena of wear. Among the many examples, there are components or spare parts for special machines in the sectors: textile, paper, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, aeronautical, food, etc.


QP Mechanics produces nozzles and shutters in steel or hard metal (Widia) for various sectors such as:

- Gluing systems

- Painting

- Sandblasting

- Plants for polyurethane foam

- Prefabricated castings and reinforced concrete columns

- High pressure systems

Elastic pliers for special applications

In the industrial sector the movement of the material inside the plants is often carried out using special elastic grippers, therefore not present as standard commercial items.

These are products that will be required to endure many opening and closing cycles, the choice of materials, treatments and correct sequence of the execution phases therefore becomes strategic and fundamental.