QP Mechanics, specialized in the processing of hard metals, produces dies for cold deformation of metals, from wire, strip or sheet. Depending on specific requirements or needs, it uses the most suitable materials and qualities, were they metal carbides, including the tungsten one (widia), or special, rapid or sintered steels.
It turns only to market-leading suppliers, both for the supply of the material and for possible heat treatments and surface coatings.

Solid carbide dies

The die is fully made of tungsten carbide, which is a good choice in case of small sizes and/or with stresses that do not need a steel containment.

Dies with carbide insert

The die, made of hard metal, is assembled within a steel container. Depending on field of use, working conditions and stresses at stake, different assembly technologies will be used.

Steel dies

QP Mechanics has a sound experience in the working of steels for tools, in their various compositions and solutions offered by worldwide leading producers of steels for tools.
In many working conditions, the steel die is still the best choice.

Impression dies

Tools with particular shapes, such as knurling or any shape of blind-end impressions.

Compound matrices

Dies made up of several components, usually with more than one insert, in Widia or not. In the simplest case, they are assembled axially, but in some special applications, the shoring is carried out in the radial direction.
Some examples are the sector hexagonal dies used in the field of hexagon headed bolts pressing, double-shoring dies and the ones called "Open", where the whole die is subdivided into the radial direction.