QP Mechanics builds steel and hard metal (Widia) bushings for various product sectors and with a wide range of dimensions and geometric shapes; the choice of raw materials is always accurate and, thanks to the grinding processes, without compromise as regards dimensional, geometric and surface finishes.

Cylindrical Bushes

Attention to the concentricity between the diameters, the perpendicularity of the diameters with respect to the planes and the parallelism of the latter, always with tolerances of less than one hundredth of a mm, ensures that they meet the best needs required by the market.

Conical Bushes

Carefully adjusted to meet the highest expectations on dimensional and geometric tolerances; internal or external tapers always guarantee precise couplings with any other components.

Difficult Bushes

QP Mechanics builds bushes with varying degrees of difficulty; with stops, for example, internal or external, machining or radial holes, etc. All this while always guaranteeing high dimensional and geometric precision.


In steel or hard metal (widia), rectified or not, always according to the customer's design, the company creates spacers, thicknesses, guides, sealing rings, rollers, etc.