Lucidatura a specchio

Lappatura a specchio di particolari metallici

Mirror finish

QP Mechanics performs polishing on metal parts to deliver perfect pieces to each customer both in terms of construction and aesthetics.

The shapes of the molding equipment and some mechanical components generally require mirror finishing. In our structure they are manually polished after grinding and lapping.

We at QP Mechanics pay close attention to this phase, our specialized operators are able to obtain specular and quality surfaces without damaging the previously worked shape. This is guaranteed thanks to an accurate check of the profiles before and after the polishing.

This operation is of fundamental importance for the useful life of the tools, as well as for the correct flow of the material inside them, elements to which we pay close attention. In fact, our collaborators have been operating in this sector for years and are aware of all those details to pay attention to in order for the work carried out to be truly functional.