Blindaggi a caldo e a freddo


Hot and cold shoring

QP Mechanics assembles the parts machined and manufactured for third parties. Within our structure we are able to carry out all the armouring of matrices and mechanical components in general, both hot and cold.

Each step is managed with the utmost care, from the choice of interferences to the sizing of the inserts with the respective containers, in order to obtain perfectly assembled and concentric details.

QP Mechanics is aware that choosing the right hot or cold assembly, as well as its workmanship, can make a difference on the useful life of dies and punches. For this reason our staff is committed to carrying out these processes with maximum precision.

Our extensive expertise in the field also allows us to perform assemblies by TIG welding and braze welding. Every detail will be analyzed and from time to time the assembly method deemed most appropriate will be chosen.