Wire cold forming

Cold wire forming equipment

QP Mechanics realizza attrezzature di stampaggio e ricambi per presse multistazione di stampaggio a freddo da filo, processo conosciuto nel mondo con il termine cold forming.
Matrici, punzoni, preparatori, estrattori e spine sono solo alcuni esempi di attrezzature dove QP Mechanics può vantare grande esperienza costruttiva, oltre che di scelta materiali, rivestimenti superficiali e consulenza tecnica.

Molds and spare parts for cold formed metal parts

Starting from a coil of wire, complex mechanical parts can be obtained by cold deformation on multi-station printing presses.

With this technology and the equipment made by QP Mechanics, many companies produce small parts molded in various qualities of metal materials such as stainless steel, low and medium carbon steel, aluminum alloys, copper, brass and intended for various sectors: automotive, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical appliances, windows, fasteners, etc.

Molds and spare parts for Bolts/ screws/ fasteners

Cold forming of special articles for mechanical fixing.