Quality for generations

    The family business, with more than thirty-year experience, the timely and state-of-the-art organization of the company and the total attention paid to customers’ needs, allow QP Mechanics to grow day by day. The company management is indeed submitted to uninterrupted updating, based on its evolution based on market variables, reference regulatory framework, technological and quality levels of the created products.

    QP Mechanics pays special attention to the importance and maintenance of its workplace, to its workers’ health and to the quality of produced works. For this reason, efficient air purification systems from the dross of machining of metals are used at its headquarters

    Competences and collaborations

    QP Mechanics can boast the best and updated available technologies at its premises, is able to offer expertise in the construction of mechanical equipment and in the choice of strategies to ensure the required accuracy and, when necessary, can collaborate with the customers to assess new materials or solutions that can fully satisfy them.

    At all stages of the process it analyses the characteristics required by the drawings in detail, aiming to continuous improvement.

    The constant collaboration with customers and suppliers, which has contributed over the years to establish reciprocal trust between the parties and the timeliness and quality of the supplied products, make of QP Mechanics the right choice by companies looking for reliable partners.

    QP Mechanics guarantees the value of its products using conditioned test labs: the employment of these rooms at a constant temperature allows more accurate control of the measures, often characterized by very tight tolerances, as well as the protection of the same measurement equipment, that is therefore separated from the working environment.